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Building a self-made community

published6 months ago
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"My father gave me a small loan of $1million"

DevTools success stories sometimes sound a bit like this to me.

Where early traction/community building comes from existing networks or founder fame.

But what if your founders aren't famous? Or connected in your community?

It can be really hard to grow from scratch while also finding PMF, raising funds etc.

But one piece of inspiration I took from this week's guest Juri is that you could hire developers who are in the community you want to be a part of.

Juri Strumpflohner - Director of DX at Nrwl Technologies/Nx

Key takeaways:

  • Nx solves a painful problem for companies using monorepos
  • Nx maintainers spend part of their time on client work (often related to Nx) and part of their time actually on Nx. This helps them see which are the painful things they need to work on for Nx.
  • Founders were on the Angular team at Google and very engaged in Angular community
  • Nx hires engineers who happen to be engaged in community. A lot are also GDEs and are accustomed to speak at confs, be at meetups etc

Listen to the full episode here

Quiz - are you a Hacker News savant?

What is it that makes something do well on Hacker News?

The founder of PostHog, described how 'spending too much time on the internet' helped develop a good sense of what will work on Hacker News.

Confession time: I am objectively terrible at posting on Hacker News.

But... how good is your HN-radar?

Rank the below links by most Hacker News upvotes and see the results in small letters at the bottom.

You are allowed to click the link and read the article.

Resources we loved this week:

iOS content opportunity

A cool startup is looking for someone willing to create written content for iOS developers. Let me know if you know someone.

Hacker News answers - let me know how you did!

1 - Medieval Monks - 62 points

2 - InAppBrowser - 23 points

3 - Retro gaming - 1 point