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published6 months ago
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I tried to make a video, and... it's pretty hard. I have a newfound respect for the great YouTube channels out there. I put together a list of great developer YouTube channels below. I'll also be interviewing experts over the coming months.

Interview with SJ, Senior Manager of Developer community at HubSpot.​

Speaking with SJ was amazing. She's a legend in the developer community space and I gained so much insight. A lot of what we talked about was SJ's experiences scaling developer tools so I recommend checking out the full episode.

Key takeaways:

  • It's important to get yourself into the headspace of a developer.
  • In the early days of building a community you're trying to find those passionate users, leaning into their feedback is extremely important.
  • Building in diverse developer voices from the get-go will be a big differentiator for you versus all of the other developer tools out there.
  • Ensure that you're providing as much value as possible to the developer group before you try to extract anything
  • Using Common Room for community management

Listen to the full episode here

Great Developer YouTube channels

Which other channels are great? Let us know