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Hockey stick growth: short term AND long term

published3 months ago
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To be a breakout success in the eyes of VCs, you need to be hitting between 5-10% growth every week.

With such challenging targets, it can be tempting to think only of the here and now. But as your targets compound, hitting them becomes increasingly difficult.

Reflecting on some conversations with Kuba Czakon and Kimmy Leslie as well as my work with Digger, here are some tips to do both.

Short term AND long term growth tips:

Focus on the bottom of the funnel - if you're working on SEO which typically has a longer payback time, focus on keywords that indicate intent to purchase/use. Such as '*Your product* pricing' or 'Competitor X vs Competitor Y'.

Measure an intermediate result with UTMs - set up link tracking for things that are likely to lead to a sale, for instance, trials started or projects created. This will help you measure success for longer payoff campaigns.

Look for evergreen opportunities with an upfront boost - As an example, sponsoring a YouTube creator will give you an initial bump on release but it will also continue to send you results over time.

More on these in Kuba and Kimmy's upcoming podcast episodes.

What is DevRel?

โ€œSo, itโ€™s share the knowledge first. Educate people, make them better at what they do, and then demonstrate how to implement those things through what youโ€™re trying to sell." Brandon Westโ€‹

โ€‹Don Hamilton wrote up a great piece on DevRel inspired by Brandon's appearance on Scaling DevTools.

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