Jack Bridger

The power of positioning

published7 months ago
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Supabase started out as an add-on to PostgreSQL - giving developers a way to replicate the real time features of Firebase.

But no one cared.

Then they re-positioned themselves as the open source alternative to Firebase and the rest is history and they just raised $80m.

I've been a prolific user of Firebase but it has huge scale challenges and Supabase tapped into this pain.

Experimenting with our positioning is surely one of the most powerful things we can do.

Check out the full episode with Paul, a Supabase founder here

Kimmy Leslie - Marketer at Stream


  • Use UTM links to measure how well a campaign goes
  • A good event is a well-organised return on your investment
  • Developers are marketing adverse, so you must demonstrate and prove why they need your product.
  • Constantly be rotating, adjusting, shifting and finding new channels.
  • Everything you do, every dollar you spend, all need to align with your goals.

Listen to the full episode here

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